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Check back often as MORE Info will be Coming!

Event Update!

Tickets! Tickets! - come and join the fun! Grab your event show tickets right now and save $5.00 off. Right HERE!

LIVE Podcaster added to the event. Join us and let's talk about and explore all things Nerdy with Dangerous Dan and Little Miss Cosplay. You don't want to miss all the FUN!



Adorkable Designs - Awesome hand-made crocheted items and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Owned by Twins - A menagerie of handcrafted clothing, crafts, and other oddities made with love and years of experience!


Whisto LLC - Super cool, custom-made 3d printed parts and creations.


Blue Force Sabers - Are you looking for that One-Of-A-Kind lightsaber that no one has in the universe? We make those sabers come to life. We love to mix different universes and bring Star Wars and lightsabers together into one beautiful piece of art. 

8 Bit Fusion - We make things relating to video games and other geekery. Bead Art, pins, keychains, shirts, and jewelry. 


Mere Jane Art - Handcrafted items such as wall plaques, keychains, coasters, and other custom-commissioned items. 

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Ange1ux - Art prints, button pins, stickers, and acrylic charms based on anime, games, and comics. 


Fuzzy Figures - Fun and fuzzy figures and characters made out of Chenille Stems. 


Dart Force - A Mobile Nerf Armory. Foam flingin’ events for every occasion! We have everything you need for serious fun!

Quest's End Trays - Gaming accessories for D&D and other TTRPGs. Dice trays with hand-embroidered designs, dice towers, and resin dice.

Kiam Designs Shop - Custom 3d character shadow boxes that light up!


3D2U - We use a mixture of woodworking, laser engraving, 3D printing, and other art tools to lovingly make wondrous items for you and your adventuring party. 


Beck's Books and Buttons - an author from Central Jersey who also sells writerly/readerly merch like buttons, bookmarks, stickers, magnets, and mugs.


Write To Read Publishing - Fantasy/romance books (Lara Croft meets Arrow-verse vibes with supernatural abilities and soulmates)


Many Cool Things - Video Games, Collectables, and Pop Culture Merch.

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TeamatoArt - Digital art prints, stickers, buttons, and charms of original work and fanart of various fandoms.  

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Satsuri Stickers - Dive into durable designs! Crafting waterproof stickers for every adventure and vinyl decals that remove cleanly from any surface.  

Stardust Shire - Custom-made crystals, carving, and cryptic collectibles. 


Rogue Logue Prints - 3D-printed gadgets, gifts, tools, toys, organizers, and oddities. 


Denni Draws - Seller of prints, stickers, bookmarks, and most recently elf ears styled with jewelry.

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JB Entertainingess - Handmade art, primarily sculptures, of pop culture and original designs.


J. M. DeSantis -  Books, comics, prints, stickers, & original art.


Little Miss Cosplay -  Sell plushies, keychains, toys, necklaces, and posters.

Noshing Nostalgia -  Hand-made wood ornaments, music boxes, and art with a retro flair from the 80s and 90s to Disney and horror.


Special Guests

 Come check out our special Guests and their amazing work.

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